As 2016 mercifully draws to a close, the internet will be overpopulated with #top10 lists for any topic that could be reasonably quantified.

This isn’t a top ten movies of the year, though, like a debate. This is sorted by numbers.

Twitter has released the top ten trending movies of 2016, and the results aren’t much surprising.

The films with the biggest, most aggressive marketing make the top ten as well as known juggernauts.

 The top ten, via CinemaBlend, is as follows:

·      Star Wars

·      Suicide Squad

·      Deadpool

·      Harry Potter

·      Batman vs. Superman

·      Captain America Civil War

·      Finding Dory

·      The Revenant

·      Zootopia

·      Ghostbusters

It’s a testament to the Star Wars brand that the movie hasn’t even been released yet and it has topped this list as the most tweeted about movie of the year.

A host of superhero movies trail Star Wars, like Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Batman vs. Superman and Captain America Civil War, as they usually do.

Ghostbusters was generally a bit of a disappointment, but it still rounds out the top ten of most talked about on the platform.


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