For families that use the holidays to take a winter getaway, especially with the continence of school breaks coalesced with potentially some excess vacation days, Christmas on the road isn’t a rare entity. But for kids celebrating the holiday, they worry that Santa Claus won’t be able to find them.

A research study has confirmed these thoughts. HomeAway Inc. looked into it and found that 42% of kids traveling on the holiday worry that Santa won’t find them, with 8% of kids under the impression that Santa uses GPS in his sleigh, compared to 60% that believes he uses magic.

Outside of that, HomeAway found that only 32% of children tell Santa where they’ll be when they sit on his lap. Thankfully, those families who forget to let him know can use to let Santa know of the travel plans.

For the non-Santa aspect of the holidays, the same study looked into plans around the holidays. The kids want to just be with their immediate family, as 7 out of 10 prefer it that way but 71% of families will be with distance relatives. Also, the average distance to travel to see family on the holidays is 157 miles.

When those distances are traversed, it’s not irregular for families to bunk up. This leaves the incumbent family uncomfortable as they try and bend over backwards to accommodate their loved ones, with a shocking 9% admitting to sleeping in their cars.


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