By Christy McLeap

It appears road crews in Chino Hills might have had a tough day at work. They made a huge 6 foot by 6 foot typo on a street in Chino Hills.

11-year-old Matthew of Chino Hills is a sixth grader and you better believe he knows how to spell the word “STOP.” Matthew said, “That’s an F minus.” Referring to the misspelled word painted on the street.

CBS Los Angeles reports road crews printed the letters S-T-P-O on the street before the cross walk, instead of S-T-O-P.

Matthew and his Chino Hills neighbors laughed about the misspelling, but they weren’t happy about the sloppiness.

One neighbor lady said. “Stop-poo that’s what I think.”

Some of the neighbors were quick to point out that there is kind of a cheat sheet near by. Just feet away from the misspelled word on the pavement was an actual red and white stop sign.

Another neighbor stated, “They should have looked at that,” “They should have spell check.“

Officials have said they are prepared to head out to the neighborhood fix the mistake.


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