By Pepper

Every family has their own Christmas traditions that they follow, and Orange County native Brett Young‘s family is no exception.

“The first thing always is that the day after Thanksgiving, all the Christmas decorations, including the tree, go up at my parents’ house and in my apartment,” Brett shares in a statement from his label.

“There’s a movie, ‘A Christmas Story,’ and that’s been my family’s thing that, you know, TBS does the marathon every year and we watch it until they stop playing it,” he continues. “And then a new one snuck in, in the last couple of years, that I’m obsessed with that I watch year round pretty much, and that’s ‘Elf.’ So both of those movies also are like, ‘I don’t need to wait for December for that.’

“And then anything kind of like nutmegy,” he adds. “I’m not a big baker, but like every once in a while I’ll be, ‘All right I’ve got to make some sort of holiday dessert to make the house smell like that.’  And so I usually get myself into trouble with something like that too.”


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