By Pepper

Jon Pardi is one of the many artists playing Stagecoach in 2017, but before he heads back out onto the road, he wants to take some time for some R&R during the holidays to recover from 2016, which included a sold-out show at the Brandin’ Iron in San Bernardino.

“Well, this Christmas I was so worn-out from traveling that I wanted to stay home,” Jon confesses about his holiday plans in a statement from his label. “And I haven’t spent a Christmas morning with my Dad in a while, so I brought it up and he got so excited.

“I had to tell my Mom I’m not coming home. My Mom and Dad are separated. But we’re gonna have Christmas dinner and a party. We’ve got a bunch of friends – if they don’t have a place to go – they can come to my house and have dinner,” Jon continues.

And there’s a plan for pre-gaming, too! “Before Christmas, me and my dad, we’re gonna build a bunch of stuff, as usual,” Jon explains. “We’ve got some stuff to fix, and we’re gonna build a custom dog kennel. This one’s gonna be pretty state-of-the-art. It’s gonna have concrete and heavy-duty fence, because they’ve been getting out, ‘’cause they’re so crazy, and we’re gonna build a dog house and get some heat pads and run power and water to it. So, it’ll be good.

“That’s usually what we do – come to the house and work on it. But it’s fun, and we always get to play a lot more. We work during the sunlight and then go hit the town at night.”


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