It must be nice being the CEO of Facebook.

Most people are aware that being the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has a pretty dope life. Not too much should surprise anyone when it comes to technology he gets to play with, you know, because he’s Mark Zuckerberg.

There are some things that fall outside of the ‘not too much’ qualifier of ‘not too much should surprise anyone’ with Zuckerberg, though. Case in point: his artificial intelligence assistant has Morgan Freeman’s voice.

That’s absolutely incredible. He literally has Morgan Freeman’s voice for his personal assistant.

As previously alluded to, with Zuckerberg’s net worth being $50billion, he could just about buy anything he wants, plus being a tech giant, he gets first crack at insane innovations. But the fact that he’s got Freeman’s voice into his personal assistant? Wow.

Where can we get our own?


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