By Pepper

While everyone has their own individual family Christmas traditions, there’s one that the three members of Rascal Flatts share.

In a statement from their label, Joe Don Rooney shares, “The pajamas thing’s always been one, you know, everybody wearing pajamas and matching ’em.”

“With our names on ’em, like we don’t know who lives in the house!” adds Gary LeVox.

“We used to have Mexican food on Christmas Eve,” continues Joe Don. “My mama always wanted to have Mexican food. We try to do that now, and well, I’d have Mexican food any day of the week, but Christmas Eve is always kind of fun to do it, to keep that tradition alive.”

Jay DeMarcus has a slightly different Christmas Eve tradition. “We used to pile in the car every Christmas Eve and go downtown and look at the lights and then we’d come back home and order pizza on Christmas Eve and open one gift. And that’s kind of – we still carry that over. We order pizza and they open one gift.”


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