By Christy McLeap

We’ve seen the pictures of cars driving and hikers walking through it, the giant sequoia tree that was known for the huge tunnel carved right through the middle. Sadly it has been destroyed and taken down by a huge storm that pummeled California.

The recent storm in Northern California caused widespread flooding, strong winds and power outages even devastation as the iconic Pioneer Cabin tree in Calavares Big Trees State Park was toppled by the storm.

In the 1880s the tree was hollowed out to in order to let tourists and later cars to pass through it. Most recently it was only hikers who were passing through the huge tree.

Jim Allday who is a park volunteer took pictures of the aftermath of the tree’s fall. He said it shattered as it hit the ground.

CBS Los Angeles reports there doesn’t seem to be an immediate cause of the tree’s fall, but it’s believed it may have been due to the tree’s shallow root system and the major and sudden influx of rain.


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