By Christy McLeap

Monday Afternoon a gun battle in San Bernardino with a group of people involved an off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy.

CBS Los Angeles reports the rolling shootout ended in the 1900 block of D Street after starting in the 4300 block of Mountain View Avenue.

San Bernardino police officers were reportedly seen with their guns drawn, entering a D Street home, where they eventually arrested two people.

The deputy wasn’t hurt, but one of the suspects was wounded in the gun fight.

A Mercedes, which was riddled with bullet holes is believed to be the suspects vehicle.  There were other cars that got hit with bullets including an Uber car belonging to Jonathan Albin, which was parked on the street. He said called 911 immediately after hearing about 10 shots.

One neighbor recalled, “It seemed like a semi-automatic weapon rather than something that would require longer time to fire between shots.”

Another neighbor stated, “It was so close I jumped across my bed and got down on the floor.”

And a third neighbor said, “It was really scary, and I couldn’t even get through to 911 because everyone is calling in.”

CBS Los Angeles’ Crystal Cruz was told by a source that the Mercedes might have been involved in a case of road rage.

According to police they are looking for two more possible suspects, and the events that led to the shootout is still under investigation by authorities.


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