By Pepper

In the “Musical Insights” series, country artists share their thoughts on some of their most popular tunes.


Brothers Osborne say their latest single, “It Ain’t My Fault,” has a rather unique theme.

“We just wanted something that was a little more kind of gritty and kind of had some attitude to it, and the whole song is just about clearly all of these things you are blaming on the other, but you are the person that is making this happen,” TJ Osborne explains in a statement from their label.

“You are the person who is to blame, but you’re just so hell bent on having a good time or going forward and not being boggled down by all of the things that would stop a normal person. You kind of just get in the surreal moment of denying any bit of blame,” he continues.

“We wrote this with a great songwriter in town named Lee Miller, and it was actually his idea to have these kind of blaming things on each other and this back and forth. And when he started doing it, I was like ‘Man, that’s really cool. I’ve never heard lyrics really delivered like that before.’ And we just started coming up with these really fun different things, whether it’s blaming the ex for the drinking or the drinking for the ex or it’s just whatever order you want to put them in. It was a really, really fun different song, I think.”


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