By Pepper

Album releases become available for download Fridays at midnight East Coast Time. Since that’s 9pm Thursday night West Coast Time, every Thursday night, Pepper picks her three favorite songs from the new country albums and plays them on K-Frog for New at Nine! Here are her picks for this week.

It’s been five years since “American Idol” runner-up Lauren Alaina released her debut album, and she says she has a lot to say in her new record, Road Less Traveled. 

“This time has been a real defining time for me,” she says in a statement from her label. “Five years is a long time from 16, 17-ish to 22, and I went through a lot. A lot of people go through a lot, but I’m one of those people.

“My parents went through a divorce; my dad is an alcoholic and he went through rehab. I had vocal cord surgery. I was writing a second album. I changed management. I changed, everything in my life changed. I mean, there wasn’t a single thing, besides my boyfriend, that stayed the same. Honestly. Everything else changed. And it was the best thing that ever happened to me and this music, because it pushed me to grow as a person, it pushed me to grow as a songwriter, as an artist,” she asserts.

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“I had to grow up, and I’m really thankful for that, and I think the music showcases that growth,” she continues. “I just feel like all of those things that happened to me made me really decide to be honest and really dig in to what I wanted to say to my audience, because I came off my favorite TV show and I got a record deal and I started touring and I put an album out, and I never sat and thought, ‘What do I want to say to these people? What’s important to me and what do I want to say to them?’

“And the last five years that’s all I thought about was, ‘Who am I, and what do I want to say to people?’ And that’s what this album is. It’s every part of me – the pretty and not so pretty parts.”


Here are the three songs from Road Less Traveled that I played for New at Nine tonight:

  1. Next Boyfriend
  2. Road Less Traveled
  3. My Kinda People



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