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Lady Antebellum’s “You Look Good”: Musical Insights

In the “Musical Insights” series, country artists share their thoughts on some of their most popular tunes.

When the three members of Lady Antebellum start discussing “You Look Good,” the first single from their forthcoming Heart Break album, the word “fun” comes up. A lot.

“This song, I mean, it is fun,” says Charles Kelley in a statement from the trio’s label. “It’s hard to listen to this without having a bit of a smile on your face. And we wanted it to sound different and be kind of a little bit of a curveball when it came out. We’ve never had horns on a song. This is one of Hillary’s dreams come true.”

“Oh, my gosh, yes!” his bandmate Hillary Scott agrees. “I grew up listening to so many different types of music, and I always just felt like they take you, they transport you to a different place, to a  really fun place. I think of New Orleans and a different parts of the world that you hear music with horns and you feel it. It’s got a soul to it, and so we felt like this was the perfect choice.

“It’s we’re, honestly, closer and tighter and better friends than we’ve been since we started this band over 10 years ago,” she shares. “It’s just, it’s fun. I love that we can play off of each other on stage, and it showcases what all three of us individually do well and then what we do well together.”

“Yeah, this song really represents to me the feeling we had when we started as a band in 2006, and we worked really hard to get back to that this go’round,” adds Dave Haywood. “We spent a handful of time in Florida and a handful of time in L.A., and then finished the record back here in Nashville. We’ve never had this kind of time on our side like we’ve had now, except when we started out 10 years ago. So, the youthfulness and the energy in the song is what really drew us to it, fell in love with it, cut it and it’s just so much fun. It’s such a party playing it live.”

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