By Pepper

Lauren Alaina performed her current single, and title track to her latest album, “Road Less Traveled,” on ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning, and even took some time to discuss the album and the story behind it with Robin Roberts, who described Road Less Traveled as “uplifting,” and noted that “It’s about self-acceptance,” a sentiment Lauren agrees with.

“I spent so long working on this album,” Lauren told the host of GMA. “When I had the first album, I was 16.

“I was 16 on ‘American Idol.’ And, that’s a lot of pressure,” she explains with a laugh. “And a lot of people with a lot of opinions, and they’re not always nice. And I had an eating disorder before I went on the show, and it just got worse, and then I wrote this album as I got better, and you kind of hear that journey with the music, and I didn’t know how to put the album out without being honest, and I think that’s what music is all about.

“I’ve gotten healthy now!” Lauren says proudly. “I’ve just lost 21 lbs. without a single bad habit! I’m working with Adkins and I have a trainer, and I have really great people in my life that have taught me how to do it the right way, which I did not think was possible when I was 16! I have abs! I went from flabs to abs!”

And there’s more good news in Lauren’s life.

“I went through a crazy couple of years [while writing this album],” Lauren confesses. “My parents went through a divorce, and my dad’s an alcoholic, and he went through rehab when my mom asked for a divorce. And October 6th was my dad’s three year anniversary of being sober.

“So proud of him!”

Watch the full interview here.


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