By Pepper

As one of the brightest new stars on country music’s horizon, Brett Young has met plenty of cool people, but there’s one person he’s friends with that tops the list.

“If I were to scroll through my phone and one phone number would surprise me that it’s somebody that I’m close with or that I even have met, it would still be Gavin DeGraw,” he reveals in a statement from his label. “And that’s 100% because his first record is the reason that I decided to start writing songs in the first place.

“I pretty much stalked him for that whole year and was fortunate enough to run into him and get to know him and become friends with him,” he continues. “He’s been a full blown mentor every time I have questions or you know, I’m feeling a little bit worn down or whatever, I reach out to him.  I was just texting with him last night and he always says the right thing, and he’s always been a really good friend to me.

“So it’s pretty crazy to me that the reason that I decided to go into music is somebody that’s become a friend of mine.”


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