By Kelli Green

A 7-year-old local boy got Tom Brady a little teary-eyed and choked up at Media Day for the Super Bowl.

Joseph Perez was a viral sensation after Media Day at the Super Bowl. His question to Brady, “Who’s your hero?”, got a reaction no one was expecting especially Joseph.

He told us that the impact of making Brady cry didn’t sink in until the day after. Since his emotional question went viral, he’s been making the media rounds. His father, David Perez, says that the family is so proud of their son.

If you missed the video of Joseph asking his question and Brady’s reaction you can see it HERE.

Joseph won a sweepstakes though Panini Trading Cards to be their kid reporter. His mother, Jessica Perez, said that Joseph was confident that he won from the beginning. Joseph made it into the top 10 and then had to submit a video showcasing his reporting skills. The video was the first time Joseph asked the question, although it wasn’t to Brady it was to Dak Prescott (a trading card of Dak on a stuffed animal).

Joseph has definitely left his mark on Super Bowl. He told us that someone has already taken his picture and he’s given an autograph. Joseph is keeping his reporting neutral, when we asked him who he wanted to win the Super Bowl he said, “both teams”.

Take a listen to Joseph and his family describe their experience.


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