By Anthony Donatelli

Sam Hunt finally gave us a little taste of his sophomore album when he released the insanely catchy, country-pop tune “Body Like A Back Road.” While naysayers continue to hit him with the “That’s not country” squeal, which Hunt has grown accustom to hearing over recent years, the ballad may be his first crossover-ready track.

On New Year’s Eve, the country crooner released “Drinkin’ Too Much,” a song that truly sounded more like a drunk voicemail and in 2014, his debut album Montevallo introduced the country world to a new kind of sing-talk vocal style.

Billboard recently pointed out that the Georgia native reminded them of a certain sensitive, Canadian rapper. You guessed it, Drake.

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The similarities between the two are truly interesting and you can’t deny some of these characteristics that they have in common. So, here’s 6 pieces of evidence that tell us Hunt went 0 to 100 real quick in becoming country’s version of Drizzy:

6. They’re both crazy about sports
Hunt played college football at the University of Alabama Birmingham and even attended training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs, but when the NFL didn’t want to take his time, he moved to Nashville to become a musician. Drake is more of a fan than athlete, but he certainly knows his stuff. As the “Global Ambassador” for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, he get’s his own “Drake Night.”

5. They share a love for female R&B artists
We all know that Drake has an obsession with Rihanna and Aaliyah, but Hunt also enjoys his fair share of the R&B ladies. He’s covered songs from Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Destiny’s Child. Sometimes, he even puts them all together: 

4. They love to make us play the waiting game
We’re all still patiently waiting for Hunt to give us a release date for his upcoming album, which brings back memories of the anticipation Drake built up for the release of Views. There’s no telling how long we’ll have to wait before the announcement, but how cool would it be if the album featured a duet with Drizzy!

3. Taylor Swift supports both of them
Yes, T Swift is all about her “Squad,” but she’s also got some love for her guy friends. She recently brought Hunt onstage to perform his single, “Take Your Time” during her 1989 World Tour in 2015, and Taylor starred in a very memorable (and painful) Apple commercial that featured a Drake tune.

2. Hunt has covered Drake during his shows
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing Hunt perform live, you may have noticed he sneaks in a few Drake songs here and there. During his performance of “Single For the Summer,” Hunt blends in “Marvin’s Room” midway through. He’s also taken on “Shot For Me,” a song from Drake’s album Take Care.  

1. Their songs revolve around ex-flames
Just about 99% of the lyrics on Hunt’s debut album Montevallo were about his now finance Hanna Lee Fowler. He even called her out by name in “Drinkin’ Too Much.” Drake has had plenty of ex-flames to fuel his songwriting fire, but “From Time” star  “Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree” may have been the most infamous of them all.


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