By Pepper

Album releases become available for download Fridays at midnight East Coast Time. Since that’s 9pm Thursday night West Coast Time, every Thursday night, Pepper picks her three favorite songs from the new country albums and plays them on K-Frog for New at Nine! Here are her picks for this week.

Little Big Town‘s new album The Breaker is a highly-anticipated one, but one the band says they didn’t do a lot of writing for.

“We had an incredibly like creative year last year,” explains Karen Fairchild in a statement from their label. “I mean, we went from starting this record to making the Pharrell record, which was unexpected but such a joy and so creative in a different way than the records that we make with Jay [Joyce].

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“And so, we were writing, and then we were writing with Pharrell and then that ended up being a record. And then we were planning the tour and we went out on the road with Luke [Bryan] for 70 shows, and it just never stopped. And it was like all year long output, output, output of creative.

“And so yeah, the writing scenarios on the record might not look like they have on past records, but it was just the way it was going to happen. I mean, when you’re that busy it’s like the success also makes it difficult to like write all the time, because writing on the road is not the easiest thing in the world. You have a million distractions, and so there’s all kinds of things like getting focused. But we had also the blessing of having all of these incredible songs sent to us and they seemed to be piecing themselves together.”

Here are the three songs from The Breaker that I played for New at Nine tonight:

  1. We Went to the Beach
  2. Better Man
  3. Drivin’ Around

Look for them on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” tonight (2/23) and on NBC’s “The Today Show” tomorrow (2/24).


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