By Heather Froglear

I’ve had freckles all my life.  And I hated them as a kid.

As a grew older, I learned to like them and now, my 9-year old has a few of her own and I find myself saying the same thing my Momma said to me when I complained about them:  “Those are angel kiss marks honey!”

Fast forward to 2017 and one of the oddest trends I’ve seen emerge so far this year:  Fake freckle tattoos.

Yes, it’s true.  Women are skipping the full-coverage foundation and going for freckle tattoos on their face.

The trend emerged from a Canadian Tattoo shop and a woman named Gabrielle Rainbow, whose friend was tired of drawing freckles on her face.

I guess the good side of this trend, is that you don’t have to actually sit in the sun to get that freckle-faced look, which as we all know, isn’t good for our skin.

Would YOU try this trend if you didn’t have freckles?



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