By Scott Ward

March 2 is National Banana Cream Pie Day. It’s one of America’s favorites… the cream pie division at least. You see, pies compete in different leagues. You didn’t know that? Well…..there are fruit pies, tarts, cobblers (let’s be honest–its just mooshed up pie), meat pies (a European curiosity), and cream pies. That’s a pie with a sweet, custard-like filling, often topped with whipped cream. Vanilla, chocolate, coconut…..yeah, that’s nice……but do any of those pies have their own day of national recognition. NO! Thus, an exploration of where to find the best of this velvety smooth goodness is necessary.

  1. Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen And Bakery–Emphasis on the BAKERY part of the name. There are 10 locations in the Inland Empire, so an amazing treat is very close to you.
  2. Polly’s Pies–The menu says, “Plump fresh bananas lavished in creamy vanilla custard topped with whipped cream.” Can’t you just taste it? You can find Polly’s Pies in Moreno Valley, Hemet, and Norco, among the 16 Southern California locations.
  3. Backstreet Restaurant in Riverside–They’ve been a part of local culinary culture for nearly 50 years. Backstreet has gained fame for their amazing array of sandwiches; however, their desserts are worthy of their legacy too. BONUS POINTS: They spell it “banana creme.”
  4. Coco’s–They tempt you with amazing desserts as soon as you walk into Coco’s. While you’re waiting to be seated, all you can do is stare and let the craving begin. You WILL finish your meal with a piece of pie…..most likely their signature banana cream pie.
  5. Marie Callender’s–One of the fanciest banana cream pies on the face of the earth. The meringue and whipped cream on top is actually patterned! It all started in Orange County with pies nearly 70 years ago and pies are one of the menu items that keep people coming back.

Don’t let National Banana Cream Pie Day pass without a proper celebration. And by “proper celebration” we mean, A GIANT SLICE!!!



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