By Pepper

In the “Musical Insights” series, country artists share their thoughts on some of their most popular tunes.

As his latest single climbs further and further up the charts, Jon Pardi says from the very beginning, he never doubted that it would be successful.

“I knew when I heard it, it was a hit,” he reveals in a statement from his label. “It had something about it that was familiar something, like it had that radio sound. The demo, I just heard the melody and lyrics, and I just felt like, man, I think this is really gonna be like a jam.

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“When we finished, I described ‘Dirt on My Boots’ as like the song that you pull up to the club or the party and you’ve got your windows down and you’re blaring ‘Dirt on My Boots’,” he continues. “I always felt like that was what this song had. It has an attitude, it has a working man, it’s got taking out the girl and it’s got a great dance beat, and all those together, I knew it was gonna be a great song for radio.

“So, to have a big follow-up from ‘Head Over Boots,’ was awesome. We always get some crap about, you know, ‘Aww, two boot songs,’ but they’re two different songs. They’re two different songs with two different attitudes. I wear boots all the time, so Lucchese, look out!” he concludes with a laugh.



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