By Pepper

Orange County native Brett Young has made quite a name for himself as country’s romantic crooner, thanks to his sweet first two singles, “Sleep Without You” and “In Case You Didn’t Know.” And at 6’6″, the blonde blue-eyed singer has been labeled as a heartthrob, but is that something he’s comfortable with?

“Absolutely not,” he says with a laugh in a statement from his label. “That’s about as uncomfortable as going through hundreds of pictures of yourself to pick an album cover.

I mean – I’m super happy that that’s how everybody feels and that that’s making it easy to sell, but you know just like everybody else, I’m crazy insecure and don’t feel comfortable thinking about it like that at all,” he clarifies. “And you know there’s like a funny peer artistic side of it where you don’t want that to have anything to do with why people like your music, but at the same time, if it helps sell records you’re not going to snub your nose at it.

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“So no, it’s always funny to hear that. It’s flattering. It’s like somebody tells you you’re handsome and it’s immediately awkward. What are you supposed to say to that, you know? I’m really bad at accepting compliments so it’s super uncomfortable.”

You can enjoy Brett’s music and good looks when he plays the K-Frog Cares Golf Tournament to benefit Loma Linda University on Wednesday, April 5th.


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