By Pepper

The duo Sugarland has been on a break for a couple of years while Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush work on solo projects, but is there an end in sight to their hiatus?

In an interview with The Boot in January, Kristian Bush revealed that he’s ready to get the band back together. “That project’s beginning time is really up to Jennifer,” Kristian told The Boot. “That’s really [because of] the nature of how radio works: Her voice, as the lead singer of the band, is the voice that kind of defines it. And if she’s working a solo project, it’s very difficult, probably for a listener, to tell the difference [between a solo single and a Sugarland single]. So we as a band can’t do anything until Jen decides to do it.

“And I’ve always been ready when it’s time to hit the Sugarland button,” he added. “It’s my favorite band; I love that band.”

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But a statement from the label Jennifer’s recording as a solo artist under reveals that Jennifer might not be ready quite just yet.

“The whole impetus behind going solo was an artistic inspiration in the sense that I think, you know, obviously success is fantastic – but as one becomes successful and gets branded with a certain sound, if the brand starts to become more of the focus than the evolution of the art, then that’s putting the cart before the horse,” she reveals.

“And I could see that actually happening.  And that’s common. It happens with many artists across all mediums, not to mention across all genre and music. So I wanted to take a chance and to see what I would create from a solo perspective and to offer my fans a little bit more of an intimate look at who I am as an artist. And so consequently, I have felt super liberated by it.”

Whether they are recording as Sugarland or as solo artists, Jennifer and Kristian are certainly two of the most talented artists in our genre!


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