By Kelli Green

Have you ever reached that point where you’re so frustrated that you want to break something? I’ve found the perfect place for you.

Lake Elsinore’s new attraction at the Outlets is the Wreck Room. A place where you can smash objects safely. The Co-owner of Wreck Room, Zack Teperman told the Press Enterprise, “It’s a therapeutic place to release that negative feeling or anger, and go home feeling better”. The idea for Wreck Room came from the movie “Office Space” when 3 disgruntled employees smash a constantly malfunctioning printer.

Wanna take swing? Here’s the deal, you have to sign a waiver and suit up for the occasion wearing a protective outfit. From there you get to choose your package. Packages start at $19.99. Packages vary on your weapon and the objects you’re smashing. You can even bring in your own objects to smash or printouts that you can tape on the objects. Watch out ex-boyfriends!

Anyone else seeing this in your mind?


A day of shopping and then smashing things sounds like a great day!


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