By Pepper

Brantley Gilbert has made no secret about his addiction to alcohol and opiates, and he’s proud to say he’s been alcohol and opiate free for over five years now, and he still remembers the night he knew he needed to do something about his addictions.

“I don’t remember what song it was, but we had a milestone of some sort,” Brantley shares in a statement from his label. “We were celebrating something one night, and I went back to the bus, and I remember sitting in the very back lounge of the bus, going, ‘Man, when good things happen I’d party and I’d celebrate, but I don’t know that I actually ever took it in.’

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“Now, for some reason, that night, my wheels started turning, and I was messed up then – I’m not real sure exactly what brought it about. I don’t remember. But I remember sitting there, and not coming back out. And eventually, after about two hours just sitting there thinking, I called my manager, and I was like, ‘Hey, man. I need to find a gap in my schedule. I need to make space for something.'”



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