By Heather Froglear

For the last month, Americans have been patiently awaiting the birth of April the giraffe’s baby at New York’s Animal Adventure Park.

The live broadcast on YouTube has been viewed by millions of people, and yet, still no baby giraffe. We keep hearing from zoo officials that “she’s close”, or “all physical signs are headed in the right direction”, and yet, STILL no giraffe.

Is it possible that April is an April fools prank?

Think about it:  Momma is named “April”, and you would THINK that the veterinarians and/or zoo officials would have a BETTER window for when momma is going to start laboring…. say a WEEK, not a month… so it kind of makes sense.

Do you think we are all going to find out we’ve been trolled by April?

If so, I give them credit.  We’ve wasted a lot of time staring at our computers this month haven’t we?

Get back to work.


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