By Kelli Green

Michael Ray is on the verge of another No. 1 hit with “Think A Little Less”. He called in to talk about his current hit along with some other random things.


Michael Ray is originally from Florida and it seems like we always hear about crazy people from Florida,s so we asked Michael about it. “I have no idea. I read about it and I’m like ‘come on guys’.” Florida is also known for the epic Spring Break, so Michael revealed his favorite Spring Break memory. It involved the boardwalk and girls, which reminded us of ‘Jersey Shore’.


Michael has a lot of ink and he told us about his latest tattoo. He also revealed the one place he would never get a tattoo. The good news is you won’t have to worry about him looking like Mike Tyson. He better keep that face pretty, because he also talked about his aspirations in acting.

Take a listen to Michael Ray’s full interview:


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