By Christy McLeap

It was reckless and lasted for a matter of seconds, but now the CHP is asking to speak with the person who pulled a dangerous stunt by hanging off the side of a vehicle on the 15 Freeway through Corona Saturday.

Jennifer Driscoll Frerichs was also traveling on the 15 when she recorded the car-surfing video and shared it online with city leaders.

“One little slip and he could’ve hurt himself and other people,” Frerichs said.

While Frerichs was traveling down the 15 Freeway through Corona on Saturday she spotted the interesting and dangerous stunt. She saw a man climb out of the passenger-side window of a black pickup, hang on to the vehicle with one arm and dance in the wind.

Frerichs said, “My only thought I got when I posted that to the City of Corona is possibly the mom or someone who knew them would see and be like: ‘are you kidding me? Like, really?’ ”

CBS Los Angeles reports there were also other people online who said they had also spotted this kind of stuff happening on the freeways lately.

One man saw the video said, “If he fell off of there, someone would swerve to avoid him and crash into someone else. He could have hurt a lot of people, more than just himself.” And went on to say, “It’s gotta be illegal. It’s just incredibly stupid.”

A CHP spokesperson called this stunt “unbelievably dangerous.”

CBS Los Angeles has the video of the dancing daredevil, watch it here.


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