By Heather Froglear

Just when you thought American Idol was over, it just may be making a return to television.

Well, that’s if FOX and NBC have their say.  The two networks are in a bidding war to bring back the iconic talent show that ran from 2002 – 2016.

Bids have been submitted to Freemantle Media who owns the show, and we’re hearing that a decision could happen possibly this week.

So why would NBC want to have ANOTHER singing competition show on their network when they’ve already got the hugely popular show, The Voice? Rumor has it, that Adam Levine wants to back down from doing The Voice to airing only 1 season per year, not 2 like they do now.  NBC thinks they can fill that void by rotating AI and The Voice, with each airing once per year.

If ‘Idol’ does get the green light to come back to television, it could start as early as Summer 2018.

FOX pulled ‘Idol’ last year after declining ratings and the monstrous salaries they paid to their A-List judges.  It just became too costly.  If the show does come back, we’re also hearing it’ll be a completely different panel of judges, but host Ryan Seacrest would still remain the host.

Do you think America is ready for ‘Idol’ to come back?




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