Taco Bell's "Naked Breakfast Taco" will have a fried egg taco shell.By Jackson Dodd

By Jackson Dodd

For those who are looking to push the breakfast envelope, Taco Bell may have just the thing.  

Starting April 18, the creative minds at the fast food chain will be testing a “Naked Breakfast Taco” in Flint, Michigan.

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The new breakfast taco contains the standard breakfast options of either sausage or bacon, and also nacho cheese, a three cheese blend, and potatoes. The kicker is that the Naked Breakfast Taco is wrapped in a fried egg as the shell,  Foodbeast reports.

For those who have reservations about eating a fried egg with their hands, a warm gordita option is available instead.

Taco Bell will offer the new breakfast taco as a stand-alone menu item for $1.99 or in a combo for $3.99.  

The rest of the country will have to wait and see how the Naked Breakfast Taco tests in Flint and whether or not people will embrace a fried egg as a perfectly suitable taco shell.


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