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Trent Harmon’s Cooking Specialty

With a busy touring schedule, Trent Harmon finds himself eating out a lot, so when he’s off the road, he tries to eat at home as much as possible, and some of his favorite things to make are tacos and hamburgers.

“You can make tacos really healthy,” he shares in a statement from his label. “A lot of times, I’ll always opt for lettuce instead of bread. And if I grill or something, if I’m doing burgers, I always go with lettuce, and you can eat more! I figured out, ‘Oh, I can eat four of these burgers if I don’t go bread!’

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“But, yeah, I make tacos and salad, and I cook a lot of breakfasts,” the “There’s a Girl” singer continues. “Being a songwriter, one of the luxuries you have is you usually don’t start until about 10:00 or 10:30 in the morning, so I can get up and cook breakfast every morning.”


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