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Drake White Wants Kids – But Not As Many As Zac Brown

While Drake White was on tour with the Zac Brown Band, he had plenty of time to get to know Zac’s four daughters and one son. And Drake says he came away from that experience with a better idea of how many kids he and his wife want to have.

“I don’t know about five, but a good two or three sounds pretty good,” he says in a statement from his label. “But I can imagine – there’s not really a dull moment at the Zac Brown household, not with that many girls.”

Drake recalls that Zac’s girls are all very outgoing. “They’re at that age where they’re asking all the questions, tons of questions, tons of questions.  And it wasn’t an annoying chatty, it was a cute like, wow they’re really curious about all this stuff. So it was just pretty funny to watch.”

Drake will perform at the Brandin’ Iron in San Bernardino on Friday, June 2nd.

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