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Jana Kramer Shares Photo of Stunning Engagement Ring

Jana Kramer was nothing short of ecstatic on Friday (April 14) when she posted a photo of an engagement ring on her Instagram page, announcing that her mom is getting married!

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The country singer poured her heart out in the post, noting some of the biggest sacrifices that her mom made for her and her career, saying she’s “the best mom a daughter could ever ask for.”

Kramer noted that her mom has been single since her parents split back when she was in high school, close to 19 years ago. Now, she found her happily ever after and it’s time to get the wedding planning started!

My heart is about to explode!!!!!!!!! My Momma, my best friend is finally getting her happy ending. For more than 19 years my mom has been single since my parents divorce when I was in high school. My heart always hurt for her because she is and was the most precious gem and best mom a daughter could ask for. My mom dropped everything to see me follow my dreams. When I was 18 and told her I wanted to follow my heart and move to LA she said GO and follow your dreams. When I was 21 and called her saying I was going to move back to Michigan after I was abused from my first relationship she said "no you are not" and she left her job, moved to LA and helped me get back on my feet. For those 4 years she lived with me in LA we cried, we laughed, we grew to become best friends. I watched her pour her heart out and love in all of her relationships and I always admired her strength and how she held her head high even when she got her heart broken. She. Never. Gave. Up. On. Love. And there were times I would cry silently without her knowing cause I remember when she would call and say she will be alone forever and to hear ur mom sad is so painful cause all I've wanted was for her to just be happy. She only wanted me to be happy and that's all I wanted for her. And today is the day that the grand plan that was out of our hands all makes sense. MY MOM IS ENGAGED!!!!!! She has known this incredible man for almost 17 years but the timing never lined up, until now and I have never been more excited for her and her fiancé who I love so much! He ADORES my mother and treats her like the queen that she is. I love you mom so much!!!! Now it's wedding planning time!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooooooo!!! And thank you so so so much to @giador_fine_jewelry for makin this gorgeous ring! #❤. Moral of this story….no matter how young or old you are, never ever give up on love. Sometimes it's just not our story to plan, but it will happen and my moms living proof of that!

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