By Heather Froglear

From a baby announcement from Josh Abbott, to a cute Easter picture of Carrie Underwood as a kid, country stars shared their Easter Sunday pics on Instagram yesterday.  From the serious, to the faithful, to the light-hearted posts, here’s just a few of our favorites.


Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny brought you all some yummy treats!

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Blessed and excited to announce this new chapter in my life!

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Imagine being hit, kicked, whipped and spat on as you carry a tree on your back. You're wearing sandals or barefooted and you're wounds are open. You are in so much pain. Then, you finally make it to the top of the hill where you are beat again by a gang of men. One of them stabs you in the gut and another one slams a crown of thorns on top of your head. The thorns are strong and hard and they pierce your scalp. The men pull your body over the tree you carried and one of them rope your arms to the tree and then he drives a steel spike through your wrist between the radius and the ulna bones. The men then nail your feet to the bottom of the tree; one on top the other. They tie a rope to the top of the tree or both sides of the tree where your arms are nailed and hoist the upper end of the tree more than 8 feet above the dirt and rocks. The bottom of the tree falls into a hole and rattles your body; the weight of your body pulls on the spikes that are holding you. The weight of your body eventually pulls your arms out of their sockets, stretching each arm nine inches. Imagine hanging on that tree for six hours until you die in front of your mother. Imagine doing this because you loved someone so much. Remember why He died on that cross for you. Remember how he felt. He felt like forgiving. #Goodfriday #Easter

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Happy Easter Y'all…That's all folks! #whatsupdoc

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Puppy Easter. We love you @josh_davis_18 💜🐰💜 #heisrisen

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