By Heather Froglear

Just a two days after giving birth to a little boy calf, April the Giraffe is showing everyone who is in charge!

April gave birth to the giraffe on Saturday morning after months of making the world wait via a live video stream.  The calf finally arrived weighing almost 130 pounds and healthy.

Yesterday, as a vet attempted to do a wellness-check on Mama and baby, the vet got kicked in the crotch, not once, but twice! We don’t mean to laugh, but the commentary in this youtube video makes this video all the more hysterical.



Now before you get upset and think April is PMS’ing, this is actually a beautiful display of protectiveness in the animal kingdom.  Kicking is often done in the animal kingdom, when a “threat” comes close to an animal newborn.

The good news is, it appears as though the vet is going to be fine, although he may want to wear protective gear next time he enters the enclosure at Animal Adventure Park in NY to check in on April.


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