By Heather Froglear

Newly released court documents are confirming that the late Prince was prescribed drugs by his doctor who did it under false names.

With the 1-year anniversary of Prince’s tragic death in just 3 days, this news is disheartening but not surprising, as Prince kept his abuse of drugs pretty much under wraps.

In the court documents, Dr. Michael Schulenberg said he prescribed Prince Oxycodone under his bodyguard Kirk Johnson’s name. He claims he did this to protect Prince’s privacy.

Johnson was an assistant of Prince’s, who had worked for him since the 1980’s.  At Prince’s Minnesota compound, Paisley Park, a suitcase labeled “Peter Bravestrong” was found according to the documents.  Inside the suitcase, were multiple pill bottles, but inside said pill bottles were pills that didn’t match the label. Prince used the alias “Peter Bravestrong” while traveling.

Investigators in the opioid overdose case also discovered pills in vitamin bottles and aspirin bottles throughout Paisley Park.  Whether or not the doctor revealed in these court documents will be charged with any crime, remains to be seen.

Weeks before Prince’s death, the singer had reportedly been trying to get off the pain medication to no avail. Prince died on April 21st of 2016. He was just 57 years old.

How was Prince able to hide his addiction?  Read more from the New York Times.


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