By Heather Froglear

I pretty much knew I’d like Tucker Beathard after reading the title of his debut single last year, “Rock On”.  Not only is it my personal mantra, but any chance I get to throw up some horns during a country rock performance, I’m down.

Newcomer Tucker Beathard will give us all a chance to channel our inner rock star, when he performs Saturday, April 29th, at Stagecoach Country Music Festival.

Beathard is actually the son of Casey Beathard, a Nashville songwriter.  Tucker and his family made music together, with Tucker on the drums in a band with his brothers.  He intended on playing Division I baseball for Middle State Tennessee, but a shoulder injury nixed that for Beathard. He eventually picked up a guitar and started writing and performing as a solo artist, and that was when he knew music was his calling.

Fast forward to 2016 when Beathard signed with Dot Records, and released his debut single “Rock On”, an edgy rockin’-country anthem.  “Rock On” soared to #2 on the country charts and in October of 2016, his debut EP, Fight Like Hell, was released. Tucker’s sound is full of nasty guitar riffs, gravel-voiced melodies, and a really edgy, country twang.



His second single “Momma and Jesus” is an ode to 2 sure things in life, both your Mom and Jesus love you no matter what.

See Tucker’s exciting blend of rock/country when he takes the stage on Saturday night, April 29th, at Stagecoach.


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