By Pepper

Growing up, Brett Young had his sights set on being a professional baseball player, but an injury sent him in a different direction: music.

“I miss baseball all the time especially when I watch baseball,” Brett confesses in a statement from his label. “It’s really hard to have made it to the level that I did, and then have it like, basically taken away, you know, kind of halted, because you have all those ‘what ifs.’ You wonder how far it could have gone.

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“But that said, I don’t have any regrets. Everybody goes ‘Why didn’t you go back?  After you had surgery you could have…’  Because I had already found music at that point,” he explains. “I’ve never, for one second since I started music, have I wondered if I was supposed to do this. This has always been very clear to me. So I miss baseball, but I can’t wait to have kids and throw the ball with them and you know enjoy it from that perspective next.”


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