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Man Who Went Crazy After Debit Card Was Declined At 7-Eleven In Custody

Security video from a 7-Eleven store in Santa Ana was released earlier this month showing what appeared to be a typical transaction of a man trying to buy some M&M’s candy. Typical until a man suddenly goes crazy and attacks the cashier after his debit card is declined.

According to police, they have found and arrested a man involved in the February convenience store attack.

On tape you see the customer go into sudden rage and bash the cashier in the head, and then you see him take out his anger on cash registers and computers on the store counter. The suspect even grabbed some bananas off the counter and threw them at the other cashier.

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Police said that on Tuesday morning, 41 year-Old Daniel Fine was found at a sober living home that happens to be just around the corner from the 7-Eleven convenience store, the place where he committed his rage filled attack.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the clerk in the video had just started his job at the store and after the attack he quit the job and told the owner he was not coming back. The owner said the man’s temper tantrum cost the store a few thousand dollars in damage.

According to police, the angry man, Daniel Fine has assaulted others in the past.

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