By Kelli Green

April the Giraffe has been the biggest internet sensation this year. She did have some competition from Giraffe Mom, but now the two moms are meeting.

Since February 10th nearly 273 million viewers tuned in for a chance to see April the Giraffe give birth live. A total of 8 billion minutes were invest in April’s birth watching her live inside her pen. Finally after over 2 months of watching April did give birth. 1.2 million people actually saw it live. April made history, because her Youtube channel is the second most live-viewed ever.

Erin Dietrich was able to cash in on April’s fame. Erin who was also pregnant mocked April in a video of her own. Erin gave birth to her son well before April gave birth. The two were all to meet at the Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. Check out the adorable pictures HERE. 



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