By Jackson Dodd

By Jackson Dodd

Engineering students from the University of Michigan gave the world a 1,500 pound Rubix Cube, the largest of its kind.

Three years of planning, research, and development went into creating this massive replica of the 80’s puzzle game.  

In 2014, Martin Harris and Samuelina Wright came up with the idea. Harris can solve the puzzle in 43 seconds while Wright can completely dismantle the cube and then restore it solved.  

They worked on the project for two years, recruiting two other students into the project, and then upon graduating in 2016, handed it down to  Ryan Kuhn, Doug Nordman, and Jason Hoving.

The 1,500-pound version takes about an hour to solve, for those who consider themselves experts.  “For this cube, every move is deliberate, so you have to grab onto a face and rotate it completely and then remember what you just did, instead of doing a series of algorithms,” Co-Developer Ryan Kuhn said in a Facebook Live video. “So it’s hard to keep track in your mind what moves you’ve already done, as well as what moves more you have to do.”

The record for completing the traditional handheld Rubix Cube is 4.73 seconds.


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