By Kelli Green

Kenny Chesney will be wrapping up the 3 day party this weekend at Stagecoach. Luckily for him when he’s done the party continues. Check out more about Kenny Chesney.


Kenny’s love for music and sports started about the same time. Kenny was very active in high school. He played baseball and football at Gibbs High School. He received his first guitar about that same time. His guitar was a Christmas present he named “The Terminor”. Kenny taught himself how to play.

When Kenny moved on to college he focus more on music. He joined the East Tennessee State University Bluegrass Program. In 1989, Kenny got really serious about music and recorded his first demo album. While playing local clubs he sold his album and was able to buy himself a new guitar. His big move to Nashville took place after he graduated.

His first major gig was being a resident performer at The Turf. In 1992, Kenny had an audition at BMI and left with a songwriter’s contract. The following year he signed his first record deal with Capricorn Records.  He released his first major album titled, In My Wildest Dreams, in April of 1994.  Unfortunately, the label closed it’s country division shortly after and Kenny was left without a deal.

As you know that was not the last we heard from Kenny. He was quickly picked up by BNA Records and released All I Need To Know in 1995. Kenny got his first 2 Top 10 singles off this album including the title track.

Kenny was on a roll. He released another album, Me and You, in 1996. The title track got as far as No. 2 on the charts. It wasn’t until his following album, I Will Stand, when Kenny got a No. 1 hit. His song “She’s Got It All” spent 3 weeks at the top of the chart. He also scored another No. 2 hit with “That’s Why I’m Here”.

His next album, Everywhere I Go, also produced a No. 1 hit with “How Forever Feels” followed by “You Had Me From Hello”.  This was also the album with Kenny’s very popular song “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”.

By now it was time for a Kenny Chesney greatest hits album. Greatest Hits included Kenny’s popular songs as well as 4 new songs. You’ll definitely remember 2 of the 4 new tracks, “I Lost It” and “Don’t Happen Twice”. Two years after his Greatest Hits, Kenny released a new album, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems in 2002. He scored another No. 1 song with “The Good Stuff” off this album. It spend 7 weeks at No. 1 and was named Billboard’s No. 1 country song for the year of 2002. This is also the time Kenny started picking up steam and winning at the award shows. In 2002, Kenny’s video for “Young” was CMT’s Video of the Year and winner for Male Video of the Year. The winning continued in 2003 at the Academy of Country Music Awards. He won Top Male Vocalist of the Year, and “The Good Stuff” won for Single Record of the Year.

With all those accomplishments, awards, and albums it was time for Kenny to put out a Christmas album and true to Kenny’s style it was named All I Want For Christmas Is a Real Good Tan.

The albums and hits kept coming from Kenny with songs like “When The Sun Goes Down”, “There Goes My Life”, “I Go Back”, and “Anything But Mine”. In 2005, Kenny proved what a remarkable artist he is when he earned the Triple Crown from the Academy of Country Music. He won New Male Vocalist of the Year (1997), Top Male Vocalist of the Year (2003), and his first Entertainer of the Year (2004). He won continue his streak of Entertainer of the Year for the next 4 consecutive years.


Kenny continued to prove why he was Entertainer of the Year producing songs like “Living in Fast Forward”, “Summertime”, “Beer in Mexico”Never Wanted Nothing More” and “Don’t Blink”.


In 2010, it was time for Kenny to put out another greatest hits album. It was titled Greatest Hits II. That has since been followed up with 5 more albums, including his most recent Cosmic Hallelujah. To his credit, Kenny has 20 albums and 29 No. 1 songs. Kenny continues to impress fans with his live shows. This year Kenny is only doing a handful of shows which include Stagecoach.

For as much as Kenny has done for music and as much money as he’s earned Kenny is a big giver. Kenny works with foundations like the V Foundation, which was founded by North Carolina State’s basketball coach Jim Valvano, to find a cure for cancer. He also works with St. Jude’s Hospital and the John Ward Scholarship Fund.

While doing charity work back in 2005, he met actress Renee Zellweger at a tsunami relief event. The two hit it off and were married only a few month later. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted 4 months. Renee cited “fraud” as a reason for the divorce. She later clarified “fraud” saying it was “simply legal language and not a reflection of Kenny’s character”. Kenny commented on the annulment and use of the word “fraud” saying, “The only fraud that was committed was me thinking that I knew what it was like… that I really understood what it was like to be married, and I really didn’t.”

You can expect Kenny to put on an amazing performance filled with a ton of songs you’re going to be singing along to. Don’t miss Kenny Sunday night wrapping things up at Stagecoach.


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