By Heather Froglear

Justin Moore needed fire crews’ help on Tuesday (April 25), when the pasture at his Poyen, Arkansas home caught fire accidentally. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Justin shared pictures on his social media page of the incident; almost a play-by-play of the fire.  “So, this happened today in my pasture,” Moore captioned his first tweet, following by another tweet saying, “Not on purpose, might I add.”  There was no explanation for what caused the fire.

Justin, who is from Poyen, bought the property from his grandfather and actually moved back to the town of 300 people in 2014.

In a final tweet, Justin was sure to thank the Poyen Fire Department and a local landscaping company for helping to get the fire out, before it became a BIGGER problem.

Thankfully, there were no structures involved and nobody was hurt.




On Tuesday evening, Moore shared some photos on Twitter of the pasture fire: “So, this happened today in my pasture,” Moore captioned his first tweet, which contains a photo showing smoke and flames rising from the ground. “Not on purpose, might I add.”

Although farmers will sometimes set a “controlled burn” or “prescribed burn” to help keep their land healthy, Moore’s pasture fire wasn’t intentional. Although the singer didn’t say what caused the fire, he did offer his thanks to the Poyen Fire Department, the members of which kept the burn from getting worse. Moore also thanked Better Lawns & Gardens, a local landscaping company, for their help during the incident.

Moore’s final tweet about the pasture fire shows the charred ground, and two men working to wet the ground and ensure that the fire wouldn’t rekindle.

Moore, a Poyen native, officially moved back to the tiny town in 2014. In 2015, the artist revealed that he and his wife Kate were building a new home on land that Moore bought from his grandfather. The property had been passed down from his great-great-grandfather.



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