By Anthony Donatelli

William Michael Morgan made his Stagecoach debut Friday afternoon and he said that it was a show that came full circle for him.

“The very first concert that I ever went to was called Riverfest,” Morgan told CBS Radio station KFRG. “It doesn’t come close to Stagecoach, but the headliner that night was Dierks Bentley.”

Morgan revealed that Bentley was a huge influence for him on everything from his live performances to his music.

“Man, the girls love him and the guys wanna be him,” he laughed.

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Although this is one of the biggest shows Morgan has played, he also reflected on his smaller ones.

“I was 14-years old and I got my first band together, we had a regular gig at a place called “Bowe’s Hideaway,” he said. “There were about 20-30 people there, dancing, just having a great time.”

Check out the rest of Morgan’s Stagecoach interview below.


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