By Anthony Donatelli

The dynamic duo of Dan +Shay have become Stagecoach staples over the years and there’s no denying why.

“I remember coming through on radio tour a few years back,” Dan Smyers said. “So it’s cool to be here and we’ve got a little bit later of a slot on Stagecoach this year… there might be a few people other than my parents out in the crowd.”

This trip to Indio has been a bit different for the boys from years past with both of them being engaged and Shay Mooney now being a dad.

“Dan and I, we’ve done a lot of life things, we’ve grown up,” Mooney said. “Both of us are engaged and Dan’s about to have his wedding so that’s exciting.”

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Although they’ve done some growing up, their childlike humor hasn’t dwindled as they poked fun at their fellow Stagecoach artists Kip Moore and Brett Eldredge.

“I’m sure there’s artists you guys like don’t necessarily want to talk to… Have you talked to Kip Moore yet today?” Mooney joked.

After Mooney attempted the New Daddy Diaper Challenge, by seeing how fast he could place a diaper on a baby doll, Smyers said, “Ask Brett Eldredge to do that; Brett wears adult diapers.”

Check out Dan + Shay’s full Stagecoach interview below.

Dan + Shay will perform on the Mane Stage at Stagecoach 2017 Saturday, April 28 at 6:05p.

Jackson Dodd contributed to this article.

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