By Pepper

With as many accolades as her debut album Hero and her songs have earned, one might wonder if Maren Morris‘ live performance can match those standards.

Happily, the answer is “Yes, and then some.”

The relatively new artist, who was playing Stagecoach for the first time, owned the stage and the crowd like a seasoned professional.

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“I’ve always wanted to play this festival,” the “80s Mercedes” singer stated, donned in a sparkly gold skirt that matched the drumset. “I can’t believe it took me this long to get here.”

While most of Morris’ songs are sassy, perhaps even brash, she got vulnerable and therapeutic with her latest single, “I Could Use a Love Song,” and “Let Me Show You How It’s Done.”

While most of Morris’ set was comprised of songs from her Hero album, she threw in a few surprises, like her version of John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery,” a nod to her Bonnie Raitt soul influence, and “Greener Pastures,” a song she wrote with boyfriend Ryan Hurd and Brothers Osborne, who included it on their Pawn Shop album.

Appropriately, the Stagecoach air filled with the distinct scent of marijuana as she performed that song.

Morris was consistently pitch-perfect, hitting every single note, every single time, especially notable with “Once” and the title track to Hero.

She wrapped up her set with “Rich,” with the audience singing along with every single expletive, before finishing with her debut single “My Church,” which has Southern California origins, having been written in Los Angeles, and of course, also having won a GRAMMY in Los Angeles.


  1. Sugar
  2. Drunk Girls Don’t Cry
  3. Another Thing I Shouldn’t Be Doing
  4. I Could Use a Love Song
  5. Let Me Show You How It’s Done
  6. Angel from Montgomery (John Prine cover)
  7. Company You Keep
  8. Hero
  9. Once
  10. Rich
  11. My Church

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