By Anthony Donatelli

It’s been one exciting weekend for the Beathard boys.

Tucker Beathard is making his Stagecoach debut on Saturday and he was celebrating big news with CBS Radio’s KFRG.

His brother, T.J., was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers Friday night in the 2017 NFL Draft.

“I grew up an Oakland Raiders fan,” Beathard said. “But when you have family on a team, that changes everything. Now I’m a 49ers fan.”

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Not only is Tucker a talented musician, he was also quite the athlete also.

“We both did music and sports our whole life,” Beathard said about him and his brother. “I had a baseball scholarship and the night before I was going to start, I called the coach and told him I’m not coming. Music is what I’ve always wanted to do.”


Check out more of Beathard’s Stagecoach interview below.

Tucker Beathard will perform on the Mane Stage at Stagecoach 2017 Saturday, April 29 at 3:40p.


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