By Anthony Donatelli

Tyler Farr is back at Stagecoach this year and this year he will be performing as a married man.

Farr got married last year and he had his good friend Brad Paisley perform at the wedding. He joked with KFRG (a CBS radio station) at Stagecoach that to celebrate his one-year anniversary, he’s going to have Jason Aldean sing “Why.”

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Speaking of Aldean, he shared a story about a stage malfunction that happened a few years back when they were on tour.

“I was on tour with Aldean and he has these holes in his catwalk where his microphone comes out,” he explained. “I’m out there rocking it and my boot gets stuck in the hole and while I’m singing, his production manager had to come pry me out with a crowbar and that my Tyler Fall story.”

Check out Farr’s full Stagecoach interview below.

Tyler Farr will perform on the Mane Stage at Stagecoach 2017 Sunday, April 30 at 6:35p.


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