By Pepper

Brett Young has a considerable number of tattoos, including a full sleeve on his left arm that he’s still working on, so it’s safe to say he’s a fan of ink.

However, he says his first tattoo was one he wasn’t exactly proud of. “My very first tattoo was a crown of thorns around my upper left arm that I have since gotten covered up because I got it right before Pamela Anderson came out with [the movie] Barb Wire. That’s pretty fun – my senior year in baseball – being called Pam,” he laughs in a statement from his label.

While some people get addicted to getting a bunch of tattoos right away, that wasn’t the case for Brett. “I didn’t feel addicted, like I didn’t have that experience. I do have that experience now. I didn’t initially. I was young, I always wanted one, I got it. I felt like I checked that box.

It wasn’t until five years down the road when I got one on my ribs, I was in Singapore and I got my last name underneath my heart and I remember it like it almost felt good,” he admits. “And I went, ‘Oh that’s weird.’ And ever since then, now, like actually, the process of getting tattooed is something I enjoy.”


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