By Christy McLeap

Two men were caught on camera Tuesday staging a car crash and then robbing a 69 year-old Seal Beach woman, and police are now asking for help to find the suspects.

CBS Los Angeles reports that at around 8:45 p.m. Tuesday evening security video recorded a gray Jaguar pulling in front of a woman in a white car in the Imperial Spa in Garden Grove parking lot. Then the two men, who were in the Jaguar,  staged a minor car crash.

Sgt. Mike Henderson of the Seal Beach Police Department said,“She thought it was just a regular traffic accident.”

Sgt. Henderson said the two men told the lady they didn’t have their insurance information with them. The female victim didn’t either, so they talked her into letting them follow her back to her house.

The victim had a suspicious feeling about the two men, and when they were about halfway to her house she stopped in Seal Beach at the Ayres Hotel, on Seal Beach Boulevard. Reportedly after she got out of her vehicle to show the men her paperwork, the suspects went straight for her car.

“The victim goes over to prevent him, and the second suspect grabs her,” Henderson said.

The woman was able to break free from a head lock one of the men put her in, trying to prevent her from getting back into the driver’s seat. He pointed what could possibly have been a gun at her as she ran.

According to police, during the scuffle the other man was able to grab her purse from inside her car. The two men then drove away in what is described as an older gray Jaguar sedan that has a right-rear brake light that isn’t working.

Anyone that may have any information is asked to contact detective Jeff Gibson at (562) 799-4100, Ext. 1109, at the Seal Beach Police Department.

Police advised that if you are involved in a traffic collision and are suspicious about the other driver, that you should stay in your vehicle and call 911.


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