By Pepper

Before making it as a recording artist, Drake White used to own his own landscaping company, so gardening is something he knows a thing or two about, and he shared some of his best tips in a statement from his label.

“When you’re planting something always read when to plant something,” he advises. “Always read ‘shade or no shade,’ look at the details.  Look at all the little things from the scientific to the grubs to everything around it and just keep it watered with good rain water.

“Here’s the number one tip,” the “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” singer continues. “Get a 55 gallon drum and put it under your gutter, and cut your gutter off and put it running into that and gather rain water and water all your plants with that rain water.  That’s the best tip I can give you.”

Unfortunately, now that Drake is on the road, some of his own plants have suffered, and a few have even perished.

Drake will play the Brandin’ Iron in San Bernardino on Friday, June 2nd. Listen to K-Frog all this week for your chance to win tickets!


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